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Tedx Dubai


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Expressing gratitude to our TEDx speakers for igniting minds and impacting lives. Extending appreciation to our TEDx sponsors for fueling ideas and shaping futures. Thanks to our TEDx enthusiasts; your energy echoes in the impactful ideas shared. Congratulations to the team the champions behind the scenes who helped craft memorable experiences.

TEDx Talk in UAE

Do you want to be a part of something extraordinary?

Be a part of something extraordinary! We're looking for passionate individuals like you to help us create an unforgettable TEDx experience. Join our team and play a vital role in shaping ideas worth spreading.

Become a partner and support 'Ideas Change Everything

Support 'Ideas Change Everything'

Are you passionate about 'Ideas Change Everything?

Join 'Ideas Change Everything'

Why to Become a Partner

Engage with the future, reach unique audiences, test your ideas, and build meaningful connections by becoming a TED partner. Join us in our mission to spread world-changing ideas. As a partner, you'll be part of a community of thought leaders, receive a customized sponsorship tailored to your needs, and enjoy exclusive benefits designed to amplify your impact and visibility. Experience the power of a small stage with a big impact.

Join TEDx Happiness Street

Volunteering at TEDx events offers a wealth of benefits, including the chance to network with speakers, organizers, and fellow volunteers, thereby expanding your professional and personal connections. It enhances your organizational, communication, and teamwork skills through hands-on experience, and provides access to cutting-edge ideas and thought-provoking talks, broadening your perspectives. By contributing to your local community, you help foster knowledge sharing and innovation, while also adding a prestigious experience to your resume. Additionally, you gain inspiration and motivation from the event, experience it from a unique vantage point, and potentially open doors to career opportunities. Overall, volunteering at TEDx events is a fulfilling experience that combines personal growth, fun, and a sense of accomplishment.

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