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Speaker FAQs

  • No, you don't need to be an expert to give a TEDx talk. However, you should have a unique and compelling idea or perspective to share with the audience.

  • Yes, you can use slides or other visuals to support your talk. However, the focus should be on your ideas and storytelling, not on the visuals themselves.

  • Yes, you can use your TEDx talk on your website or social media channels. However, you must follow TED's guidelines for using their content, which includes providing proper attribution and not altering the content of the talk.

  • Yes, you can speak at multiple TEDx events, but you will need to apply to each event separately and tailor your proposal to their specific theme and audience.

  • No, you don't need to have a certain level of public speaking experience to give a TEDx talk. However, you should be comfortable speaking in front of an audience and have the ability to engage and inspire people with your ideas.

  • TEDx talks are typically 18 minutes or less. The length of the talk is designed to keep the audience engaged and focused on the speaker's main idea. We recommend to keep you talk under 15mins.

  • No, TEDx speakers do not typically receive payment for their talks. TEDx events are organized by volunteers, and the focus is on sharing ideas and creating a platform for speakers to spread their message. However, they may receive other benefits, such as exposure, networking opportunities, and the chance to share their ideas with a global audience.

  • No, TEDx speakers are not allowed to receive sponsorship for their talk. TEDx events are designed to be free from commercial or political influence, and all speakers are expected to follow TED's content guidelines.

  • Yes, companies can sponsor TEDx events, but they are not allowed to have any influence on the content of the talks or the selection of speakers. TEDx events are organized by independent volunteers, and the sponsorship is used to cover the cost of organizing the event.

  • No, TEDx speakers are not allowed to promote their company or product in their talk. The focus of the talk should be on sharing a unique and compelling idea or perspective, not on promoting a product or service.

  • No, TEDx events are organized by volunteers and is solely a nonprofit initiative, travel and stay expenses are not covered by the event organizers for international speakers.

  • TEDx speakers are generally advised to wear business attire or other professional clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for this prestigious event

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